Committees are vital to the success of our CFMA chapter. Members can volunteer in a variety of ways within CFMA.  This is a great way for you to get to know other members of the association.  Time commitments vary by committee, but most meet once a month or quarter for about an hour. They are fun and informative meetings. 


Membership Committee
Chair: Karen Hudgins

The Membership Committee is responsible for the Chapter’s membership recruitment and retention efforts. The committee meets approximately 6 times a year.  Main responsibilities of the Membership Committee include:

  • Identifying and Recruiting Prospective Members
  • Promoting CFMA at events and Answering Inquiries Regarding Membership
  • Integrate New Members Into The Organization:
  • Hold Membership Drives
  • Member Retention

Programs Committee
Chair: James Lipscombe

The Programs Committee is responsible for the development, planning, and execution of all Chapter luncheons, social events, and coordinate charity efforts.  The committee meets approximately 6 times per year.  The Programs Committee responsibilities are:

  • Annual planning meeting
  • Designing event calendar and developing monthly programs
  • Executing Chapter events
Marketing Committee
Chair: Scott Rooney

The Marketing Committee is responsible for promoting the Chapter through email and social media channels with assistance from the Chapter Administrator. The committee will develop content to engage members and potential members within our community.